March 2017

090317 – Luke 14:1-14 (Honoured seat)

I seek to be the hero of my story. I long for men to approve of me, to give me attentions, to cast their gaze towards me and be enthralled with my being.

I am so, so proud.

I have longed and fantasized for the seat of highest honour, for the seat of recognition, for the seat of approval. Yet before God I have no such desire, that I may find a seat in His presence, in His courts. All I care about is my seat among men – take down my pride! Strip down every vestige of selfish desire and ambition. Truly to be known by You, and seen by You is enough.

I trust You will exalt me when the time comes. Yet, not for my glory, but Yours. I am glorified through You and by You, that You, may be glorified and lifted to the highest throne.

Take Your place in my heart.



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