March 2017

120317 – Mentoring 02

Why must we know what we believe?

  • to ensure that we believe the truth
  • so we can give an accurate and authentic testimony
  • it will be challenged
  1. We must know right doctrine
    • when any false doctrine comes up, we can immediately expose it
    • we charge from a position of truth and knowledge
  2. Why do we do what we do?
    • pride/prestige
    • not everyone should be teachers
    • disqualification for teaching – do not understand the things that you say/affirm
  3. What is glory?
    • shekainah: weight, heaviness upon you, awe and reverence
    • the gospel is glorious because it reveals God, and God is awesome
      • the gospel reveals the gulf between us and God, thereby revealing God’s glory to us
      • preach to ourselves everyday – Psalms 42:5-6
    • the gospel can only be glorious if it is about God
    • Romans 1:16-17
      • Why did Jesus die?
        • if Jesus died because we were valuable, like some treasure God was trying to attain, then what is grace?
        • the focus of the gospel is God, and we see His glorious and gracious nature in comparison to our own depravity
        • the solution to low self-esteem is not to think better of ourselves, but to think more of God – acceptance not of who we are, but who we are in Christ
  4. How do we discern/watch out for false teachers?
    • do they use Scripture?
    • what is their understanding of the gospel?
    • effect of their teaching?

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