a short reflection – 020417

my QT hasn’t been consistent the past few days. i’ve fallen back into my old sin, seeking comfort and refuge in former things, former pleasures.

Lord, i’m sorry.

my words have so little weight – Lord you have already heard my cries, my pains, my struggle, and You see my heart. nothing is hidden from Your sight – how can creation escape it’s Creator? yet it is not escape i seek, but embrace.

even now as i ask for Your forgiveness, i already with the confession of my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive. justit is fittinglawful, that i have received forgiveness. Jesus, truly You were the perfect sacrifice, coming not to abolish but to fulfill the law. God in His justice has forgiven me.

guard my heart and mind, that i may no longer pursue the former things, but look onward to Christ the author and perfecter of my faith, my one true prize, my Redeemer, my sun and shield, my refuge and safe place.

once again, i return to Your courts.


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