110417 – Luke 22:66 – 23:25 (Blind)

Can you imagine the courtroom scene? Jesus, the Son of man, the Son of God, the Conquering King, the Almighty One – a legal spectacle. I can imagine the scribes and religious leaders pushing forward, charging and approaching the seat of Pilate, pointing behind to the ‘criminal’ they seated there. I don’t know, but it almost feels like Jesus is at the sidelines here – the leaders, driven by the selfish ambition, and pressing their case before Pilate, with little regard for the actual person of Jesus. Pilate and Herod play out their legal roles and duties, but even then –

how can they be so blind? before them stood the very incarnate being of Christ, the bringer of all hope and life, and they stand indifferent to Him. how blind are they?

How blind am I?

Could I stand in the same room as You and remain unshaken?


Yet You are in me, and I in You.

I cannot be the same, I cannot ignore You. I must do more than acknowledge Your presence, or greet You as you enter the room.

No, You are my lord and King – i will give you the reverence You deserve.


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