240417 – Micah 4:1-13 (When and where God does what He does)

Just before I start.

David preached to himself. Repeatedly. To have his discipline in pursuing God and singing to God and singing to himself – how difficult it must have been! I can barely pick up my Bible. Yet, this is what I must do. To seek Him in His Word, to seek the author and perfecter of my faith, to seek Him who is the law and the fulfillment of it, to seek my refuge and strength. What point is there in my own sulking? Hope in God! Search, and find Him! He has promised to reveal Himself to those who seek Him earnestly; earnestly must you hunger for Him! Dive deep! Go far! Search wide! There can be no limit in your search for that which is infinitely valuable. Take heart, hope in God again.


Jesus is not merely a continuation of the law – He is the law. He is the Word of God. He is our hope and security, so when He speaks, we shall not be afraid. And how does He speak? Through His Word – He is the law and the Word, fulfilled and completed. When He speaks, I shall not be afraid.

Yet at time I am afraid of what He says. “I will assemble the lame and gather those……………..whom I have afflicted“. Will You afflict me? Surely I deserve it, I have wronged You beyond comparison. My affliction is of my own consequence, I have not obeyed Your statues and commands, I have failed in obedience. Yet, You will assemble me – though not from Jerusalem, but from Babylon. I have myself have led my soul to captivity, and along the way I cry out to You.

When will You rescue me? How near the edge?

Yet You will. And are.

I do not understand my own mind. But this I do – Your law and Your Word bring life. Help me in me ill-discipline, in my unbelief, in my lackluster passion. Help me remember the truths I have forgotten.


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