May 2017

130517 – Ruth 4 (The Best is Yet to Come)

The Best is Yet to Come – John Piper

July 22, 1984

Where is God in our lives? Our own pain and suffering blinds us to who God is, a God who protects and takes care of those who take refuge under His wings (Ruth 2:12).

Naomi take centrestage in the latter half of the last chapter. God gives her a son through Ruth, a redeemer to take care of her family – she has been made part of the ancestral family of the greatest king and greatest King to have ever come.

What do we do when we are in the middle of setback? Do we remember the God of our youth, and hold fast to who He says He is, who He says we are? He is always working for His glory, and our joy and good.

There is nothing ordinary about obeying Jesus Christ

Perhaps there is another way for me to live. To live in obedience, in spite of the setbacks and frustrations that righteousness produces.


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